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Ep 50 - The Odd Couple (Our 1st birthday show!)


Robert and Kenny talk news then muse on our differences in opinion on the hobby. We debate casual vs. tournament gaming, fiction, gaming groups and other hopes and dreams for the next 50 episodes.

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We talk some games played then Deadzone! Robert lets us all in on the secret of this little terrain-laced game and why he enjoys it so much. 

Wall o' Wonder: Dark Future

Notes; is updated and on new server.

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Next ep is 50 and our first anniversary (plastic!) so join us for some fun.


Warhammer Fantasy Book Club in May will be Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett so if you want to join us on the show drop us a line.


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We talk news and games played with a large focus on new 40K rumors (at time of posting rumors now refer to as 6th Ed Revised) before being joined by Grant Handsome Guy Fetter, TO of Blood in the Sun 4, who tells us all about why his tournament rocks. Then we welcome Guy Haley back from Black Library to discuss his three HH works (don't worry, there's more coming up!) and he takes the rapid-fire question test.

Wall o' Wonder: Warmaster!


Enjoy! Someone who listens to this episode wins a copy of Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill.



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We have a star-studded show tonight with painting superstars. First we speculate, gestuclate, pontificate (OK, maybe not) about games played that WOOD ELVES NEWS?!?! 

Brandon Palmer of GMM Studios (that guy at Adepticon with the amazing displays beyond mere mortal kenning and Shawn Gately of Blue Table Painting tell us all about a host of options for whatever your painting needs (and time table) may be. 

Ep 50 is coming up so send us your demands, er, suggestions.

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We're joined this week by two gamers who have played several games of Wild West Exodus and fill us in on a rather informative interview. Robert and Kenny give first impressions of new IG (Astra Militarum) codex and ways to defile Ogryns as pop culture icons.


Wall o' Wonder: Silent Death



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Kenny is back from Adepticon and in a stupor (when is he not?!) but goes through the highlights of Adepticon, games, swag bag and fun times. For time purposes only include the interview with BL authors Graham McNeill, David Annandale and Andy Smilie. We then talk to Combat Display Cards for Kickstarter.



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We have some games played!!! News from Forge World Horus Heresy and Warmachine Vengeance has new book smell.


Self-proclaimed Hobby Hillbilly Corey Lenigar joins us for this newest installment of Warhammer Fantasy Book Club. This time we go to the Time of Legends series for the Blood of Nagash: Neferata by Josh Reynolds. Spoilers!

What say you to next time...Dan Abnett's Riders of the Dead?!




Corey at


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40K releases coming so fast; never get the payoff of actually playing these games??! Kenny is in a funk (and funky!), unable to keep up with hobby releases. Dr. Robert slaps the emo out of him and hopefully helps you, too.


Wall o" wonder: Vor: the Maelstrom 

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We talk news and brief hobby then owner John from Soda Pop Minatures talks the future of Super Dungeon Explorer and other exciting games, then we are joined by Hand Cannon Online and all-around swell trollblood guy Kyle Maxwell to talk why Warmachine/Hordes is a great game, the future and paying it forward. 

Wall o' Wonder: Chainmail



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Ep 41 - Mantic Games

We're joined by Andrew Sherman of Ohiohammer, Mantic Radio and probably half of the podcasts you listen to. He gives quite enlightening testimony to a rising Mantic Games and hgets us excited for things to come. 
Wall o Wonder: BattleLore and Battle for Westeros


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Adam Tremblay of War and More Radio in Canada joins us hosers for a go at gaming communities over great, vast, cold distances and staying engaged while enjoying maple products and quality health care. Enjoy Adam's soothing Canadian voicebox.


Wall o' Wonder: Super Dungon Explorer

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Kenny is joined by Dwarf-nut Dave Witek of Garagehammer and After Ullanor fame. Robert sits this one out. We talk the new Dwarfs, compare old with new re: Runes and some units. Fun, inspiration for about 2 hours.

Kenny grills Dave at the end with a speed-test re: Horus Heresy, for the lit teacher in Dave. Enjoy the fun and don't judge, man:)

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Ep 39 - New Dwarf Bookfest & Robotech

We talk news including Privateer Press Play Day, Imperial Knights, Kenny ends up going way more into the dwarf book than he meant to (that's a special ep coming up soon, shh!) and then we talk.....ROBOTECH! Whether a part of your lost childhood or Kickstarter or Pallaidum RPG or all of the above, we love us some Robotech!

Wall o' Wonder returns: Flintlock!

Kenny has a light flu so we wish him well and chicken soup.

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Ep 38 - Chris Birch Modiphius talks new Mutant Chronicles RPG and Achtung! Cthulhu


We talk PPresss & GW news, Kenny tried the new dwarfs, then we are joined the lovely Chris Birch of Modiphius talking his new Mutant Chronicles RPG kickstarer, Cthulhu and what the future holds...

We talk news, dwarf pictures and wave 2 is on the horizon, Black Libray and Skull Island X gold, Steamroller 2014 and other organized play systems like Infinity and Dark Age, and Robert talks to us about trilablazing your own gaming universe.


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Kenny is back from Waaaghpaca 2014 and reports in. We talk the insanity of GW rumors and give first impressions of new Dwarf photos. Next ep will be after the White Dwarf new format drops and we'll go in depth on dwarf (what's available, at least) then. Dark Age shines in cool hobby ways and on the Wall o' Wonder.


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We talk the crazy GW streak of rumors and news to slap some sense into the Internet by calling our very own Come-to-Jervis meeting. Allen Boltgun Blount from BBBs podcast joins us for Warhammer Fantasy Book Club: Gotrek & Felix City of the Damned, which naturally discusses the franchise at length, first. Wrap things up with a Wall o' Wonder: Dropzone Commander.


Ep - 34 Hobby Disappointment? 7 Steps To Serenity & Black Library Interview w/ Greg Dann

Tyranid codex got ya down? Hobby rage?

Here's seven steps towards serenity.

Gregg Dann, cohost of After Ullanor, returns to talk a very long interview all about Black Library, from origins to events in UK to what the future holds.

Interview is lengthy but worth it!

We review the host battles Man o War and Epic Armageddon then discuss narrative gaming vs. tournament gaming. Wall o Woder: Succession Wars!

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We look at the entire hobby in 2013 review and list releases and our top 5 lists. Then we deliver a top 5 wish list for 2014. Have a listen and share your thoughts.
Wall o' Wonder: Dark Heresy 

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Almost megabattle weekend at Combat Phase! We get ready to rock with Man o' War and Epic Armageddon. We talk news, Squats in Epic and building a list. Then we have a very special guest, Carl Tuttle of the Independent Characters podcast fame, to belittle Robert (who needs much help, btw!) for being a game whore vs. the monogamer.

Wall o' Wonder returns! 

Here be DRAGONS! Also news and a look at the hobby debate, is the 40K influx ruining the game? ... we're never happy, too little or too much;-/

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We talk a hefty chunk of news before the wide range of RPGs based on wargaming universes and vice versa and then launch into a controversial debate over using proxies and counts-as models/armies. Send not-hate-mail to @combatphasepodcast on twitter or our Facebook page.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We talk before the food comas take us about news and give some Black Friday deals (so really, Nov 28-dec 2nd) for your wargaming fix. Then we Orkify the show up with a look at Ork(x)(s) across the hobby. 

Wall o' Wonder: Inquisitor!

Also, we've crossed 4,000 downloads and draw our Warhammer Fantasy Bookclub winner from Facebook!


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Ep 27  - The One where Robert calls it "Combat Dice."

We talk news and Adepticon and bulemic dragons and comments on website and other offensive things. Black LIbrary author CL Werner joins us to talk the eras of Warhammer Fiction, 40K, Skaven and Lizardmen in fiction, his Privateer Press and Wild West Exodus works, Godzilla?! and more. It's a really great interview guys, if you even care about Warhammer fiction in any way.

Wall o Wonder: Ogre

CL Werner

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Ep 26 - Dreadball and the Evolution of Warzone

We talk extensively on news, Dreadball versions and the history of Warzone leading up to the Kickstarter, including an interview with a Warzone fan from day 1 who walks us through the evolution of Warzone.
Post on the Facebook page post on Warhammer Fantasy Book Club post to win a copy of Lords of Mars. Ep 26 we interview author C.L. Werner. We are almost at 4,000 downloads!
By this time we have registered for Adepticon if it didn't sell out within 5.8 seconds.
As always, get in touch with us on Twitter @combatphasepodcast or Combat Phase on Facebook
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This is our debut drabble. We started talking and decided to record. Still working out the editing magic, but we will release episode 1 with the standard show structure (and segments)  next week.

Join us weekly to celerate the wargaming hobby!

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