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We're back, welcoming Tori back on the show to discuss the final Dawnbringers book rules & the new Dark Oath release.


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Mr. 40K returns to lead us through a look at the new 40K Chaos Space Marines codex.

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The original co-host of Combat Phase joins me this time chatting what we know of AoS 4th edition. Of course, more info keeps coming each week. Hope you're as excited for it as we are.


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We're back after a break which was used to prep for, attend, and then recover from, Adepticon 2024! Mr. 40K, the legend himself, Eric returns as we catch up on a lot of content to post. This time, we naturally had to cover ORKS first because, Orks is da bestz! Custodes and Tau are coming, plus Old World, Heresy and Legions Imperialis, not to worry. 


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Travis joins me to talk the latest Dawnbringers book: The Mad King Rises. Then Mr. 40K Eric talks us through the new 40K Balance update and other resources coming out this week.



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Back from the holiday break with the first of several already-recorded episodes coming out over the next couple weeks. Joe returns to the show as my guest going over the new Dark Angels book and army box for 40K. Joe's a massive fan of the Dark Angels, so we hope you enjoy it as much as he did. They really play like how the narrative and traits surrounding the chapter's lore. 

As I've been asked, here's what's instore for upcoming episodes: Dawnbringers, Painting, Black library focus from fans and a HUGE surprise… The Old World is certainly getting coverage as I prepare what will likely be a series of guests over the weeks to discuss this crunchy new game. Hint: Although daunting on the rules-front, I’m loving that my favorite setting ever has returned, and even in a previous time period.



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Mr. 40K Eric is back, talking some Necrons this time.


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Mr. 40K Eric is back with a look at the new 10th Ed. Adeptus Mechanicus codex. 


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Travis joins Kenny once again to talk all things this new and amazing release for the new Flesh Eater Courts book and box.


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Aaron joins me again as we look through Dawnbringer Crusade book 3: The Long Hunt. Epic new models and filthy Sylvaneth. ;)

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I'm thrilled to have my good friend Doug of 2+ Tough fame back on, this time to give a recap of the lore so far in books 1 & 2 of the exciting AoS campaign, The Dawnbringers Crusade, with books 1 (Harbingers) & 2 (Reign of the Brute).

We'll do another episode like this once more or all books are released. Don't forget to check out Doug's awesome channel, link below as well as where to follow his antics. Finally, whether you have the game giant, Noble Knight Games, in your backyard like me, or live in a galaxy far, far away, you can use the link below to make your purchases and it gives Doug's channel a shiny gold star. 

Note: This link is benefiting Doug's channel, I still don't have advertising nor any plans to accept it. I'm just a glutton for going broke over my plastic crack. 


Noble Knight Games link:



The Website:


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Mr. 40K is back once again to walk us through the awesome new detachments in the Space Marines codex. 

Hint: Can you spot the Myspace or Space Marines Strategems...?


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Book 2 of the Dawnbringers Crusades campaign is now up for preorder and Aaron comes back to join me in talking all the new cool rules (thanks GW for supplying review copies) and models for The Reign of the Brute. We talk all 4 Armies of Renown: Kharadron Overlords, Trogg king Trugg, King Brodd's Stomp, and the new Ironjaws piggies and other units, as well as an exciting new way to field some bacon and other new/updated models to the Orruk Warclans faction.


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I'm thrilled to have our good our good friend, AoS Coach, back on to talk the new (EXCELLENT!) Cities of Sigmar! Check out Coach on his channel and on twitter.



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As promised, we're back! This time, Mr. 40K Eric, braves the Garden of Nurgle to return to talk some more Tyranids as their codex--the FIRST Codex for 10th edition--goes up on preorder today.

The Tyranids Index Card review for the existing models can be found here: 



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We're back after a break caused from a career change and the first of a few episodes already recorded in the queue welcomes Black Library author, Mike Brooks, and his epic mohawk back on the show--talking the Lion, Alpharius & Orks (and more)!



*I am Alpharius

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Time for another 40K 10th ed review -- this time, GSC!



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This time Mr. 40K is back again with Kenny to continue the new 40K index cards and rules aplenty! Today's episode: Kenny's favorite: The Thousand Sons. 


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Mr. 40K (Eric) is back on for our continuous coverage of New 40k, this time talking Drukhari. 
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Eric (Mr. 40K) returns to kick off an epic series as we go over the index cards and rules for each faction in Warhammer 40K as it will soon be available to purchase.


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Doug of 2+ Tough joins Kenny to talk getting into (or enjoying even more if you're already into) Conquest. Then original co-host and co-founder of Combat Phase, Robert Allen, returns for a long-overdue catch-up chat. Links for Conquest and 2+ Tough's channel below. Check him out if you haven't already!

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Hi all! 40K Eric joins Kenny to chat all the new preview reveals and for a look into 40K 10th ed. as we near the summer release.


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Christian talks the new Seraphon with Kenny. 

Follow him on Twitter @maximum_pants 


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Paul joins Kenny for a look at the newest Kharadron Overlords battle tome. Listen to the multitude of AoS podcasts at: And Paul on Twitter @PJSchard 
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On this episode Travis Giffen joins Kenny for the first time on the show to review the new Soulblight Gravelords battletome. It's suggested to listen to episode 372 (Ossiarch Bonereapers) first if you want more in-depth info around Nagash, from Brendan Melnick. Both episodes are available now.

Check out what Travis is up to on Twitter @TravisAGiffin


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Brendan joins Kenny to review the new Ossiarch Bonereapers battletome. 


Check out Brendan on the Cubic Shenanigans podcast


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Vint is back to chat some new Blades of Khorne!
Check out all the great podcasts from The Mortal Realms and more at
Follow Kenny on Twitter if you don’t already for pics from Adepticon this week.
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Ken joins Kenny for the first on the show to review the new Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome, now on pre-order. The Temptation Phase of AoS just got a little more, er, well...spicy!


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Dr. Lee joins us again to talk new Gloomspite Gitz and all the glorious, green mayhem! Then Black Library author, David Annandale, returns to chat about his Mortarion book in the Primarch series. Follow David on Mastodon at his account below.

With Adepticon coming up, we will be gone for a bit so 3-4 Battletome reviews are coming out within a few weeks of each other to tide you over.


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Steve Herner talks all about Holy Wars and has some exclusive insights into Holy Havoc and future Holy events. Congrats again to Kenny's teammate, Aaron, for winning the Hobby Hammer award! Check out the website with the event Twitter feed and more info. Also information for the Hesed House charity is included below for those of you who were unable to make it to a Holy event and would like to help out.

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Eric is back to talk us through the exciting and bloody new release for Angron and the World Eaters. 


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They're hhheeeerrreeee! The new Beasts of Chaos army book.


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Vint comes back on to talk the new Slaves to Darkness book. It took some time to come out, but we made it!


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Back from the holiday break and ready to talk hobby! Since the original Tyranids episode was devoured by a rogue Tervigon, Eric is back talking where the nasty bugs are currently and how GOOD that codex is. Then guest Aaron is back to take a look at the current Sylvaneth AoS Battletome.

Happy New Year and, as always, enjoy!

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Talking the latest version of LRL with Joe.


Direct download: Ep_363_Lumineth_Realm_Lords_2022.mp3
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Robert Rath on Black Library

Extra History

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Eric is back for the 40K series for Chaos Daemons and Aaron joins us to talk the new Sons of Behemet book.


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Eric joins us again in our 40K series to talk the big baddies: Chaos Space Marines--updated for 9th edition and kicking some butt.

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Space Dwarfs!!! The Leagues of Votann are finally here! Fellow dwarf-lover, Curtis, joins Kenny in talking the Kin.

See some images of the Leagues mixed with Squat forces as an example of a hobby challenge. Go nuts! Pictures on Twitter 


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An in-depth look into the recent AoS General's Hand Book. Hope your games with it have been enjoyable so far.


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We review spooooooky tales of the new Nighthaunt and then BL author Marc Collins returns to talk Grim Repast. 


Marc @MalkyDel


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We're looking at new Skaven this time. Enjoy!!

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Doug from 2+ Tough joins Kenny to discuss the Thondia supplement for Age of Sigmar. Then The Baron od Dice himself joins us to talk some sweet dice…that even roll decent for Kenny!!
Doug 2+ Tough
Baron of Dice :
Direct download: Ep_355_-_Thondia_w2Tough.mp3
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Joe joins Kenny this time for an indepth look at the new Daughters of Khaine battletome and Aaron gives us thoughts of the new Sylvaneth units from Echoes of Doom. 

Apologies for the break in reviews but keep your ears ready for  a lot of recorded content pouring out in June. Thanks again to GW for providing review copies of these items.


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We’re back to the Aeldari again—this time with a look at the Ynnari and Harlequins (which, as you may have heard, are a wee bit…good). Enjoy!

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Some Adepticon reflections are discussed here and as the internet gods were not too kind to us discussing the remaining Aeldari codex we table that review until the next episode. Instead, famed IDK player, Jon Anderson, comes on to talk a deep-dive (teehee) look at the new Idoneth Deepkin battletome.


Jon is on Twitter at: @33r2d2

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Ep tree-fiddy is finally here! The Rift sadly swallowed up the original episode recording but here’s a deep dive into the Aeldari codex, craftworlds. We’ll be releasing the review of Harlequins and Ynnari later so you don’t have a ridiculously long episode (again). Plenty of content coming soon!
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This time Kenny’s flying solo on this review cuz, ya know, it’s FYRESLAYERS!! 
There were some interesting delays but hope you enjoy and there’s some in-depth discuss and changes beyond just reading the book. Also, if you hear the prize situation during the episode please give us a shout.
Direct download: Fyreslayers_review_2022_.mp3
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Kenny is joined this week by Genestealer Cults buffs Vint and Eric (from the 40K competitive series) to talk all the glories of the 4-armed Emperor.


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Happy Holidays! We close up 2021 with a look at some of the many releases in the last few months we unfortunately did not have enough time to cover on previous episodes. Stay safe and have a happy new year!


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Dave from Milwaukee joins Kenny to chat the new Maggotkin of Nurgle AoS battletome. It's sick! (teehee).

Dave Nordstrom @davenordstrom



Direct download: Ep_347_Maggotkin.mp3
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Wrestled from the grip of the Warp, a very casual discussion on the Siege of Terra books 5 & 6, Mortis and Warhawk. See you next time for the Maggotkin of Nurgle and Black Templars after that!

Book Club starts at 39:45 minuets in
Direct download: Ep_346_-_Mortis__Warhawk_.mp3
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We recap our team experience at Holy Havoc last weekend and finally finish recording the review of Adeptus Sororitas, with Eric returning to talk the Sisters from a competitive view.


Direct download: ep_345_holy_havok__sisters_of_battle.mp3
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We are back, talking news and Crusade before Vince Venturella comes on again to chat about his newest skirmish war-game: Reign in Hell. Great name, great game, great rules.  Check it out below and…enjoy!

Direct download: Ep_343_-_Reign_in_Hell.mp3
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We’re back after 3 weeks! This time in our 40K series Eric joins us to do an in-depth look at Orks. WAAAAAAGGGH!!
Direct download: Ep_342_-_ORKS_WAAAGH.mp3
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We look this episode at the Angels of Death. Eric returns to talk Blood Angels and Dark Angels in competitive 40K this week. 


Direct download: Ep_341_-_Angels_of_Death_-_BA__DA.mp3
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It's finally here! We talk all things the new Thousand Sons.


Direct download: Ep_340_-_Thousand_Sons.mp3
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We take a look at Ogor Mawtribes and where they currently stand in AoS 3.0. Then David Annandale returns to the show to talk his most recent books, Ephrael Stern, Deacon of Wounds, and A Dynasty of Monsters, plus some other titles.



Direct download: Eo_339_-_Mawtribes__BL_wDavid_Annandale.mp3
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We talk AoS 3.0 then an increasingly-stuffy Kenny is joined by Warhammer Hero Legend, Chuck Moore, to chat Daughters of Khaine. Enjoy!
Interview starts around 01.01.00 in.
Wargamer Shawn
Direct download: Ep_338_-_DoK_wChuck_Moore.mp3
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Curtis joins Kenny to share some first impressions of the AoS 3.0 FAQ which dropped the day of recording, talking Duardin and a lot of new potential.
Then BL author Richard Strachan returns to the show to talk his books, The End of Enlightenment and Warcry novels.
Interview with Richard Strachan starts around 0:42:45
Direct download: Ep_337_-_Lumineth__Warcry_wRichard_Strachan.mp3
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It’s a bit late but we discuss some early AoS 3rd ed news then BL author, David Guymer, joins us to talk Ossiarch Bonereapers, Skaven, and his book from Aconyte Books: The Shield of Daqan. 
David Guymer interview at around 39 minutes in
Follow David on Twitter @WarlordGuymer
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Shawn returns to talk some Soulblight Gravelords then Josh from Get The Ref podcast comes on to have that long-awaited interview talking Blood Bowl! 
*The Soulblight Gravelords battle tome was supplied by Games Workshop as a complimentary review copy. Thanks, GW! *
Josh’s Blood Bowl Interview starts at 01:13:49
Josh Gatner @jgatner
“Get the Ref is a Blood Bowl podcast covering the tournament scene of Alberta Canada. You can find us on iTunes at”
Direct download: Ep_335_-_Soulblight_Gravelords__BloodBowl.mp3
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We look at the week of previews that was Warhammer Fest online 2021 and chat the AoS 3rd ed announcement. Next Doug from 2+ Tough comes on to talk Broken Realms Be'lakor, among other things...
Check out 2+ Tough!
Direct download: Ep_334_Warhammer_Fest__Belakr_w2_Tough.mp3
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We're back with Eric again this time in our 40K Codex series. This episode: Death Guard.


Direct download: Ep_333_-_Death_Guard.mp3
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Shawn leads us on a look at the new Drukhari codex then we are joined for an Ask a Hobby Expert with phenomenal army painter, Martin Orlando, to talk painting your Lumineth army--whether an existing collector, or one getting ready for wave 2 of models to arrive in the current preorder. Check out Martin's reference pictures as well as follow him on Twitter!





Direct download: Ep_332_Drukhari__Lumineth_wMartin_Orlando.mp3
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Interview starts at around 75 minutes in:  01:15:00
This week we look at the updates to Hedonites of Slaanesh then for some painting inspiration and tips we are joined once again for Ask a Hobby Expert by the legendary Vince Venturella. 
Purple video:
Aaron Lovejoy seeker.
Direct download: Ep_331_slaanesh_wVince_Venturella.mp3
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Eric joins us for a new series taking a deep dive into 40K 9th ed. We start this week with a 9th ed primer before moving onto individual codexes coming next.


Direct download: Ep_330_-_40K_9th_Ed_Series.mp3
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Graham McNeill joins us to talk Fury of Magnus and some Uriel Ventris and other works. Hope you enjoy! See you in a few days...
Bill King's interview:

Direct download: Ep_329_-_Fury_of_Magnus.mp3
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Kenny and Shawn prep for hobby in 2021 starting with a look at the newest reveals, rumors and plans for Warhammer this year. Then we chat with Jon about a cool Patreon project called Handimonsters. Check it out!





Direct download: Ep_328_-_2021__Monsters.mp3
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A chat with friend of the show, Curtis, about our hobby in 2020 and a look back. See you all in 2021 and we wish you all a happy new year and to be safe and healthy.


Direct download: ep_327_A_chat_about_GW_in_2020.mp3
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Hi and I'm thrilled to finally be releasing this episode. We were holding on when Shawn could be available to discuss his current AoS army--gargants!!! We're joined at around 01:16:03 by AoS Coach for the hobby and community aspects of this amazing army.

Enjoy and check out the links below to support our guests.

AoS Coach YouTube channel
**Check out their YouTube channels linked on Twitter pages, as well)**
Warhammer Weekly @warhammerweekly 
2+ Tough @tough_up
Direct download: AoS_Coach.mp3
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Kenny is joined once again after a few years by the legendary Black Library author, Peter Fehervari, to talk his newest books and what’s coming. What was intended to be 30 minutes turned into about 90-100 minutes (so enjoy!) No intro, just the interview.
Track of Words article on The Dark Coil:
Direct download: Ep_325_-_BL_Peter_Fehervari_Returns.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:10pm PDT

Kenny is joined by guest friend of the show, Curtis, to do a brief intro on what we're excited about in the hobby at the moment. Then we play the extended interview with Gary from Dark Fantastic Mills who discusses his shop, and all the amazing pieces he produces, and what you need to know about how to order and build the table you desire. 

Check out the shop:
Direct download: Ep_324_-_Dark_Fantastic_Mills.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:07pm PDT

We are joined by Black Library author, Robert Rath, this week to talk his works, focusing on the new Necrons novel, The Infinite & the Divine. 
Interview begins at 00:50:11 
Direct download: Robert_Rath.mp3
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We're looking at Lumineth Realm-Lords then Black Library author Dale Lucas joins us to talk his novel, Realm-Lords. Spoiler: it's excellent!!!

Follow Dale at:

@DaleLucas114 on twitter and on Facebook.


Direct download: Dale_Lucas.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:44am PDT

We chat about new  Warhammer Underworlds releases, giants, 40K and Indomitus w/author Gav Thorpe.


Direct download: Gav_Thorpe.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:50pm PDT

We take a look at the Fabius Bile trilogy from Josh Reynolds for 40K and then are joined by Jamie Crisalli for another BL author interview talking Chaos, Daughters of Khaine, and other upcoming tales. 

Jamie interview starts at 1:16:00

Follow Jamie: @OneSmolNerd on Twitter
Direct download: Ep_320_-_Fabius_Bile_Trilogy__BL_Author_Jamie_Crisalli_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:35pm PDT

We take a look at Warhammer Underworlds and its many ways to play.


Direct download: Ep_319_-_Warhammer_Underworlds.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:16am PDT

We take a look at 40K 9th ed now that everything is out (for the starter) and present another Black Library author introduction with Michael J. Hollows. Check out his Fyreslayers story and other works! 

Michael's interview starts at around 59 minutes.

Direct download: Ep_318_New_40K__BL_Michael_Hollows.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:19pm PDT

We talk the new General’s Hand Book for AoS this week. Enjoy!

Direct download: Ep_317_-_GHB_2020.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:14pm PDT

This week we give our bookclub for more Siege of Terra books: The First Wall and Saturnine. If you haven’t read Saturnine you can skip ahead to the interview  timestamp. Then another Black Library author intro with Richard Strachan.
Saturnine: 00:33:10
Richard Strachan: 01:25:49
Direct download: Richard_Strachan.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:48pm PDT

We're back! Shawn and Kenny finally found an hour during COVID so we recorded on the spot over Skype.  Apologies for the sound quality at times--we are aware of it in the future for Skype recordings.

We look at the new 40K box, Indomitus, the Lumineth Realm Lords box and then are joined for a Black Library author intro with Danie Ware. Follow her on Twitter at @danacea.

Enjoy and we'll be back with more BL author interviews.


Direct download: ep_315_40K__AoS_Update__Danie_Ware.mp3
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It's been a while, sadly, since we've recorded but I wanted to get something out so here's an interview with the legendary painter, James Wappel, for an extended Ask a Hobby Expert. You can listen to as much as you wish.

Check out his patreon, Instagram, YouTube, blog and Twitch.

Direct download: Ep_314_-_James_Wappel.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:16am PDT

We're back after some COVID-related delays and this week a book club for Valdor by Chris Wraight. 

COVID-permitting we'll be back next week to once again entertain you. Enjoy!

Direct download: ep_313_-_Valdor.mp3
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We talk some new AoS scenario breakdowns then are joined by BL author Graham McNeill to discuss (among newer stuff) his Elves stories which will be released in an omnibus in May--so we're getting ready for the Lumineth Realmlords.



Direct download: Graham_McNeill.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:43pm PDT

With events being cancelled and so many of us isolated at home, social distancing and much unknown, we talk about keeping positive with your hobby as COVID-19 presses on. Then we do our first AoS scenario breakdowns: Focal Points and Relocation Orb — discussing tactics and more.
See you all next week with another interview. Enjoy!
Direct download: Ep_311_-_Keeping_Positive__Scenario_Breakdowns.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:23am PDT

Yes, we recorded this the day before the Adepticon cancellation announcement. That said, the review cheers us right up. 


Direct download: Ep_310_-_Seraphon_Review.mp3
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We talk Wrath of the Everchosen and the rerecorded interview with Darius Hinks is here for you this week.

Darius Hinks interview around 1 hr 15 mins.



Direct download: Ep_309_Wrath_Everchosen__Darius_Hinks.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:56am PDT

We're back this week with another Black Library author introduction. JC Stearns joins us to talk his BL works--including The Oubliette--and much more. Tune in next week for a look at Wrath of the Everchosen.



Direct download: Ep_308_-_Introducion_JC_Stearns.mp3
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Michael from the seminal website, Track of Words, joins Kenny to have a detailed chat about Black Library in 2020--news, predictions and hopes as well as events.


Upcoming releases:

2019 Review:

Direct download: Track_of_Words.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:11pm PDT

Look, a 40K episode!

Hello! Sorry for the week delay, server issues. Wargamer Shawn leads us on a look at the new Adeptus Sororitas Codex. Good stuff?!?! Is it? All of it? Killer models, naturally.

See you soon with more Black Library content!


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This week we look at the new battletome Disciples of Tzeentch and around 1 hr 26 minute mark, BL author Alec Worley joins us for a fascinating and entertaining interview on Black Library, Warhammer Horror and other tidbits. It's quite a fun interview.

*note: fixed the audio volume problem around 32 mins in--now we know for the future :)*


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We take a look at the new KO battle tome then another Black Library author introduction: Marc Collins. Join us next week for the new Tzeentch book and more from BL authors.

Check out Marc on Twitter @MalkyDel 

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2019 comes to an end. We die our annual year in review after a week off for the holidays and both Kenny and Shawn close with our top 3 best of and least of from 2019, as well as some thoughts about 2020. Then the 2nd Combat Phase Warhammer Book Club follows the Siege of Terra: The Lost and the Damned by Guy Haley. Amazing book!
Psst, you can also win some BL books from the prize horde.
Join us next week for our first show of 2020 which will feature oodles of BL author interviews, reviews, tactical advice, book clubs with listeners, interviews with community leaders and organizers, and much much more.
Happy New Year, everyone!
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We are back to go through the winter FAQ for AoS from this week then have another Black Library author introduction--this time and interview with Thomas Parrott, author of Isha's Lament and more stories (even in the Advent Calendar). 

Enjoy and happy holidays everyone! We'll be off next week for Christmas.

Thomas Parrott: @parotttd

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We give some first impressions from the Slaves to Darkness new battletome for AoS then launch into the revival of the Combat Phase Book Club. Obviously, SPOILERS! Though Kenny and Shawn cover this book together we'd like to return the Book Club episodes here and there with fans for the other face of the show that doesn't include an author interview.

Join us next week for author interviews and more. Enjoy!

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We're back!!!

Thanks so much for your patience. The computer is fixed but unfortunately several interviews were lost. We're rerecording them and then some are delayed again until next week. But have no fear, lots of good stuff coming up and in this episode! Started a tad loud but the Tech Gnoblars figured it out.

We draw 16 winners from the prize pile of BL books so if you hear your name contact us directly to confirm your mailing address and preferred genre of book to receive.

Join us next week for the start of the BL Book Club, kicking off with The Solar War. Plus, so many interviews to play in the coming months.


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We're talking the new AoS battletomes with a first look at Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans. Then in the run up to episode 300. Joining us, fresh from the wind tunnels of England, is David Guymer talking Gotrek Realmslayer, writing and some upcoming works.


@WarlordGuymer on Twitter

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Author interviews got delayed so we do 2 weeks of news together. I'm certain you'll never notice ;)


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Kenny is back and discusses Nova Open with Wargamer Shawn before going into a review of Warcry (sorry it's overdue a few weeks).

For Episode 300 we'll be drawing a record-breaking number of winners from the pile of Black Library books so to enter please contact us on Facebook or tweet to the post put out at @kennylull.


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