Combat Phase

We talk news, hobby and games played. Kenny did Apocalypse,Robert played a variety of games. Lots of exciting news this week but most importantly, Kenny is finally joined by expert BL author,  NY Times best-selling author Aaron Dembski-Bowden talking his writing style, old and recent books, the Master of Mankind coming to wide sale this weekend, what's coming up in the Black Legion series and more. Don't miss this long-awaited interview! (starts about 45 minutes in)

Zach follows AD-B with an exciting conversation about the successful and now GW-sponsored London GT event (40 & 30K) coming in May.
Enjoy! I know you will.
@adembskibowden on twitter
LGT - 30K portion by Greg @childoffang from The Imperial Truth podcast 
  • " Zach and his crew set up the LGT last year and had 88 gamers and over a 100 hobbyist in total their first year. This year the 5 round 1850pts tournament is set to be bigger and better than ever. 200 tickets are available. Games Workshop are the headline sponsor. And you can be sure gamers of all abilities will have an awesome weekend. The event is on 13th and 14th of May 2017 in London, you can find out all the info and grab your ticket on their website: "
  • Facebook:
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  • Event date: 13th - 14th May 2017
  • Location: Westminster Academy Sport, London
  • Tickets on sale 14th November 2016, available from our web-store. Sign up to the mailing list for exclusive discounts.
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 We talk news, hobby and games played. Then as Black Library Live begins today we chat with two authors who have works featured at the event--Laurie Goulding and Guy Haley--and for the rest of us geographically -challenged folk, we can watch the event on Warhammer TV. 

Guy's fic
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Ep 170 - Tribute to AoS fic of Josh Reynolds

We talk news, hobby and games played, a recap of Holy Havoc AoS team event. Then Alex joins Kenny from Norway and talks the fic of Josh Reynolds in AoS, a most prolific author.


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We talks news, hobby and games played, then... NEW BLOOD BOWL reviewed! We discuss the new box contents, rules clarifications and presentation, plus play testing not only the game w/humans vs. orks in the box but also using existing teams using the living rulebook stats you'd have been using if playing over these past several years. Or the stats Warhammer World has put up for the Beard Cup. Bottom line: it's awesome and no reason you should not pick it up and start playing right away, even if you don't play humans or orcs. Why not enjoy until your team is resculpted and released? :)

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