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Happy Holidays! We close up 2021 with a look at some of the many releases in the last few months we unfortunately did not have enough time to cover on previous episodes. Stay safe and have a happy new year!


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Dave from Milwaukee joins Kenny to chat the new Maggotkin of Nurgle AoS battletome. It's sick! (teehee).

Dave Nordstrom @davenordstrom



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Wrestled from the grip of the Warp, a very casual discussion on the Siege of Terra books 5 & 6, Mortis and Warhawk. See you next time for the Maggotkin of Nurgle and Black Templars after that!

Book Club starts at 39:45 minuets in
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We recap our team experience at Holy Havoc last weekend and finally finish recording the review of Adeptus Sororitas, with Eric returning to talk the Sisters from a competitive view.


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We are back, talking news and Crusade before Vince Venturella comes on again to chat about his newest skirmish war-game: Reign in Hell. Great name, great game, great rules.  Check it out below and…enjoy!

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We’re back after 3 weeks! This time in our 40K series Eric joins us to do an in-depth look at Orks. WAAAAAAGGGH!!
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We look this episode at the Angels of Death. Eric returns to talk Blood Angels and Dark Angels in competitive 40K this week. 


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It's finally here! We talk all things the new Thousand Sons.


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We take a look at Ogor Mawtribes and where they currently stand in AoS 3.0. Then David Annandale returns to the show to talk his most recent books, Ephrael Stern, Deacon of Wounds, and A Dynasty of Monsters, plus some other titles.



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We talk AoS 3.0 then an increasingly-stuffy Kenny is joined by Warhammer Hero Legend, Chuck Moore, to chat Daughters of Khaine. Enjoy!
Interview starts around 01.01.00 in.
Wargamer Shawn
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Curtis joins Kenny to share some first impressions of the AoS 3.0 FAQ which dropped the day of recording, talking Duardin and a lot of new potential.
Then BL author Richard Strachan returns to the show to talk his books, The End of Enlightenment and Warcry novels.
Interview with Richard Strachan starts around 0:42:45
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It’s a bit late but we discuss some early AoS 3rd ed news then BL author, David Guymer, joins us to talk Ossiarch Bonereapers, Skaven, and his book from Aconyte Books: The Shield of Daqan. 
David Guymer interview at around 39 minutes in
Follow David on Twitter @WarlordGuymer
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Shawn returns to talk some Soulblight Gravelords then Josh from Get The Ref podcast comes on to have that long-awaited interview talking Blood Bowl! 
*The Soulblight Gravelords battle tome was supplied by Games Workshop as a complimentary review copy. Thanks, GW! *
Josh’s Blood Bowl Interview starts at 01:13:49
Josh Gatner @jgatner
“Get the Ref is a Blood Bowl podcast covering the tournament scene of Alberta Canada. You can find us on iTunes at”
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We look at the week of previews that was Warhammer Fest online 2021 and chat the AoS 3rd ed announcement. Next Doug from 2+ Tough comes on to talk Broken Realms Be'lakor, among other things...
Check out 2+ Tough!
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We're back with Eric again this time in our 40K Codex series. This episode: Death Guard.


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Shawn leads us on a look at the new Drukhari codex then we are joined for an Ask a Hobby Expert with phenomenal army painter, Martin Orlando, to talk painting your Lumineth army--whether an existing collector, or one getting ready for wave 2 of models to arrive in the current preorder. Check out Martin's reference pictures as well as follow him on Twitter!





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Interview starts at around 75 minutes in:  01:15:00
This week we look at the updates to Hedonites of Slaanesh then for some painting inspiration and tips we are joined once again for Ask a Hobby Expert by the legendary Vince Venturella. 
Purple video:
Aaron Lovejoy seeker.
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Eric joins us for a new series taking a deep dive into 40K 9th ed. We start this week with a 9th ed primer before moving onto individual codexes coming next.


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Graham McNeill joins us to talk Fury of Magnus and some Uriel Ventris and other works. Hope you enjoy! See you in a few days...
Bill King's interview:

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Kenny and Shawn prep for hobby in 2021 starting with a look at the newest reveals, rumors and plans for Warhammer this year. Then we chat with Jon about a cool Patreon project called Handimonsters. Check it out!





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