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Mr. 40K Eric is back, talking some Necrons this time.


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Mr. 40K Eric is back with a look at the new 10th Ed. Adeptus Mechanicus codex. 


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Travis joins Kenny once again to talk all things this new and amazing release for the new Flesh Eater Courts book and box.


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Aaron joins me again as we look through Dawnbringer Crusade book 3: The Long Hunt. Epic new models and filthy Sylvaneth. ;)

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I'm thrilled to have my good friend Doug of 2+ Tough fame back on, this time to give a recap of the lore so far in books 1 & 2 of the exciting AoS campaign, The Dawnbringers Crusade, with books 1 (Harbingers) & 2 (Reign of the Brute).

We'll do another episode like this once more or all books are released. Don't forget to check out Doug's awesome channel, link below as well as where to follow his antics. Finally, whether you have the game giant, Noble Knight Games, in your backyard like me, or live in a galaxy far, far away, you can use the link below to make your purchases and it gives Doug's channel a shiny gold star. 

Note: This link is benefiting Doug's channel, I still don't have advertising nor any plans to accept it. I'm just a glutton for going broke over my plastic crack. 


Noble Knight Games link:



The Website:


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Mr. 40K is back once again to walk us through the awesome new detachments in the Space Marines codex. 

Hint: Can you spot the Myspace or Space Marines Strategems...?


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Book 2 of the Dawnbringers Crusades campaign is now up for preorder and Aaron comes back to join me in talking all the new cool rules (thanks GW for supplying review copies) and models for The Reign of the Brute. We talk all 4 Armies of Renown: Kharadron Overlords, Trogg king Trugg, King Brodd's Stomp, and the new Ironjaws piggies and other units, as well as an exciting new way to field some bacon and other new/updated models to the Orruk Warclans faction.


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I'm thrilled to have our good our good friend, AoS Coach, back on to talk the new (EXCELLENT!) Cities of Sigmar! Check out Coach on his channel and on twitter.



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As promised, we're back! This time, Mr. 40K Eric, braves the Garden of Nurgle to return to talk some more Tyranids as their codex--the FIRST Codex for 10th edition--goes up on preorder today.

The Tyranids Index Card review for the existing models can be found here: 



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We're back after a break caused from a career change and the first of a few episodes already recorded in the queue welcomes Black Library author, Mike Brooks, and his epic mohawk back on the show--talking the Lion, Alpharius & Orks (and more)!



*I am Alpharius

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Time for another 40K 10th ed review -- this time, GSC!



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This time Mr. 40K is back again with Kenny to continue the new 40K index cards and rules aplenty! Today's episode: Kenny's favorite: The Thousand Sons. 


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Mr. 40K (Eric) is back on for our continuous coverage of New 40k, this time talking Drukhari. 
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Eric (Mr. 40K) returns to kick off an epic series as we go over the index cards and rules for each faction in Warhammer 40K as it will soon be available to purchase.


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Doug of 2+ Tough joins Kenny to talk getting into (or enjoying even more if you're already into) Conquest. Then original co-host and co-founder of Combat Phase, Robert Allen, returns for a long-overdue catch-up chat. Links for Conquest and 2+ Tough's channel below. Check him out if you haven't already!

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Hi all! 40K Eric joins Kenny to chat all the new preview reveals and for a look into 40K 10th ed. as we near the summer release.


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Christian talks the new Seraphon with Kenny. 

Follow him on Twitter @maximum_pants 


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Paul joins Kenny for a look at the newest Kharadron Overlords battle tome. Listen to the multitude of AoS podcasts at: And Paul on Twitter @PJSchard 
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On this episode Travis Giffen joins Kenny for the first time on the show to review the new Soulblight Gravelords battletome. It's suggested to listen to episode 372 (Ossiarch Bonereapers) first if you want more in-depth info around Nagash, from Brendan Melnick. Both episodes are available now.

Check out what Travis is up to on Twitter @TravisAGiffin


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Brendan joins Kenny to review the new Ossiarch Bonereapers battletome. 


Check out Brendan on the Cubic Shenanigans podcast


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Vint is back to chat some new Blades of Khorne!
Check out all the great podcasts from The Mortal Realms and more at
Follow Kenny on Twitter if you don’t already for pics from Adepticon this week.
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Ken joins Kenny for the first on the show to review the new Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome, now on pre-order. The Temptation Phase of AoS just got a little more, er, well...spicy!


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Dr. Lee joins us again to talk new Gloomspite Gitz and all the glorious, green mayhem! Then Black Library author, David Annandale, returns to chat about his Mortarion book in the Primarch series. Follow David on Mastodon at his account below.

With Adepticon coming up, we will be gone for a bit so 3-4 Battletome reviews are coming out within a few weeks of each other to tide you over.


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Steve Herner talks all about Holy Wars and has some exclusive insights into Holy Havoc and future Holy events. Congrats again to Kenny's teammate, Aaron, for winning the Hobby Hammer award! Check out the website with the event Twitter feed and more info. Also information for the Hesed House charity is included below for those of you who were unable to make it to a Holy event and would like to help out.

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Eric is back to talk us through the exciting and bloody new release for Angron and the World Eaters. 


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They're hhheeeerrreeee! The new Beasts of Chaos army book.


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Vint comes back on to talk the new Slaves to Darkness book. It took some time to come out, but we made it!


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Back from the holiday break and ready to talk hobby! Since the original Tyranids episode was devoured by a rogue Tervigon, Eric is back talking where the nasty bugs are currently and how GOOD that codex is. Then guest Aaron is back to take a look at the current Sylvaneth AoS Battletome.

Happy New Year and, as always, enjoy!

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