Combat Phase

We have some games played!!! News from Forge World Horus Heresy and Warmachine Vengeance has new book smell.


Self-proclaimed Hobby Hillbilly Corey Lenigar joins us for this newest installment of Warhammer Fantasy Book Club. This time we go to the Time of Legends series for the Blood of Nagash: Neferata by Josh Reynolds. Spoilers!

What say you to next time...Dan Abnett's Riders of the Dead?!




Corey at


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40K releases coming so fast; never get the payoff of actually playing these games??! Kenny is in a funk (and funky!), unable to keep up with hobby releases. Dr. Robert slaps the emo out of him and hopefully helps you, too.


Wall o" wonder: Vor: the Maelstrom 

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We talk news and brief hobby then owner John from Soda Pop Minatures talks the future of Super Dungeon Explorer and other exciting games, then we are joined by Hand Cannon Online and all-around swell trollblood guy Kyle Maxwell to talk why Warmachine/Hordes is a great game, the future and paying it forward. 

Wall o' Wonder: Chainmail



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Ep 41 - Mantic Games

We're joined by Andrew Sherman of Ohiohammer, Mantic Radio and probably half of the podcasts you listen to. He gives quite enlightening testimony to a rising Mantic Games and hgets us excited for things to come. 
Wall o Wonder: BattleLore and Battle for Westeros


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