Combat Phase

Talking the latest version of LRL with Joe.


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Robert Rath on Black Library

Extra History

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Eric is back for the 40K series for Chaos Daemons and Aaron joins us to talk the new Sons of Behemet book.


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Eric joins us again in our 40K series to talk the big baddies: Chaos Space Marines--updated for 9th edition and kicking some butt.

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Space Dwarfs!!! The Leagues of Votann are finally here! Fellow dwarf-lover, Curtis, joins Kenny in talking the Kin.

See some images of the Leagues mixed with Squat forces as an example of a hobby challenge. Go nuts! Pictures on Twitter 


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An in-depth look into the recent AoS General's Hand Book. Hope your games with it have been enjoyable so far.


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We review spooooooky tales of the new Nighthaunt and then BL author Marc Collins returns to talk Grim Repast. 


Marc @MalkyDel


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We're looking at new Skaven this time. Enjoy!!

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Doug from 2+ Tough joins Kenny to discuss the Thondia supplement for Age of Sigmar. Then The Baron od Dice himself joins us to talk some sweet dice…that even roll decent for Kenny!!
Doug 2+ Tough
Baron of Dice :
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Joe joins Kenny this time for an indepth look at the new Daughters of Khaine battletome and Aaron gives us thoughts of the new Sylvaneth units from Echoes of Doom. 

Apologies for the break in reviews but keep your ears ready for  a lot of recorded content pouring out in June. Thanks again to GW for providing review copies of these items.


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We’re back to the Aeldari again—this time with a look at the Ynnari and Harlequins (which, as you may have heard, are a wee bit…good). Enjoy!

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Some Adepticon reflections are discussed here and as the internet gods were not too kind to us discussing the remaining Aeldari codex we table that review until the next episode. Instead, famed IDK player, Jon Anderson, comes on to talk a deep-dive (teehee) look at the new Idoneth Deepkin battletome.


Jon is on Twitter at: @33r2d2

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Ep tree-fiddy is finally here! The Rift sadly swallowed up the original episode recording but here’s a deep dive into the Aeldari codex, craftworlds. We’ll be releasing the review of Harlequins and Ynnari later so you don’t have a ridiculously long episode (again). Plenty of content coming soon!
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This time Kenny’s flying solo on this review cuz, ya know, it’s FYRESLAYERS!! 
There were some interesting delays but hope you enjoy and there’s some in-depth discuss and changes beyond just reading the book. Also, if you hear the prize situation during the episode please give us a shout.
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Kenny is joined this week by Genestealer Cults buffs Vint and Eric (from the 40K competitive series) to talk all the glories of the 4-armed Emperor.


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