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Almost megabattle weekend at Combat Phase! We get ready to rock with Man o' War and Epic Armageddon. We talk news, Squats in Epic and building a list. Then we have a very special guest, Carl Tuttle of the Independent Characters podcast fame, to belittle Robert (who needs much help, btw!) for being a game whore vs. the monogamer.

Wall o' Wonder returns! 

Here be DRAGONS! Also news and a look at the hobby debate, is the 40K influx ruining the game? ... we're never happy, too little or too much;-/

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We talk a hefty chunk of news before the wide range of RPGs based on wargaming universes and vice versa and then launch into a controversial debate over using proxies and counts-as models/armies. Send not-hate-mail to @combatphasepodcast on twitter or our Facebook page.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We talk before the food comas take us about news and give some Black Friday deals (so really, Nov 28-dec 2nd) for your wargaming fix. Then we Orkify the show up with a look at Ork(x)(s) across the hobby. 

Wall o' Wonder: Inquisitor!

Also, we've crossed 4,000 downloads and draw our Warhammer Fantasy Bookclub winner from Facebook!


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Ep 27  - The One where Robert calls it "Combat Dice."

We talk news and Adepticon and bulemic dragons and comments on website and other offensive things. Black LIbrary author CL Werner joins us to talk the eras of Warhammer Fiction, 40K, Skaven and Lizardmen in fiction, his Privateer Press and Wild West Exodus works, Godzilla?! and more. It's a really great interview guys, if you even care about Warhammer fiction in any way.

Wall o Wonder: Ogre

CL Werner

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Ep 26 - Dreadball and the Evolution of Warzone

We talk extensively on news, Dreadball versions and the history of Warzone leading up to the Kickstarter, including an interview with a Warzone fan from day 1 who walks us through the evolution of Warzone.
Post on the Facebook page post on Warhammer Fantasy Book Club post to win a copy of Lords of Mars. Ep 26 we interview author C.L. Werner. We are almost at 4,000 downloads!
By this time we have registered for Adepticon if it didn't sell out within 5.8 seconds.
As always, get in touch with us on Twitter @combatphasepodcast or Combat Phase on Facebook
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This is our debut drabble. We started talking and decided to record. Still working out the editing magic, but we will release episode 1 with the standard show structure (and segments)  next week.

Join us weekly to celerate the wargaming hobby!

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