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We have a star-studded show tonight with painting superstars. First we speculate, gestuclate, pontificate (OK, maybe not) about games played that WOOD ELVES NEWS?!?! 

Brandon Palmer of GMM Studios (that guy at Adepticon with the amazing displays beyond mere mortal kenning and Shawn Gately of Blue Table Painting tell us all about a host of options for whatever your painting needs (and time table) may be. 

Ep 50 is coming up so send us your demands, er, suggestions.

Over 9,000 downloads and at 10,000 someone wins a limited ed. 40K cover print!

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We're joined this week by two gamers who have played several games of Wild West Exodus and fill us in on a rather informative interview. Robert and Kenny give first impressions of new IG (Astra Militarum) codex and ways to defile Ogryns as pop culture icons.


Wall o' Wonder: Silent Death



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Kenny is back from Adepticon and in a stupor (when is he not?!) but goes through the highlights of Adepticon, games, swag bag and fun times. For time purposes only include the interview with BL authors Graham McNeill, David Annandale and Andy Smilie. We then talk to Combat Display Cards for Kickstarter.



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