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A chat with friend of the show, Curtis, about our hobby in 2020 and a look back. See you all in 2021 and we wish you all a happy new year and to be safe and healthy.


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Hi and I'm thrilled to finally be releasing this episode. We were holding on when Shawn could be available to discuss his current AoS army--gargants!!! We're joined at around 01:16:03 by AoS Coach for the hobby and community aspects of this amazing army.

Enjoy and check out the links below to support our guests.

AoS Coach YouTube channel
**Check out their YouTube channels linked on Twitter pages, as well)**
Warhammer Weekly @warhammerweekly 
2+ Tough @tough_up
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Kenny is joined once again after a few years by the legendary Black Library author, Peter Fehervari, to talk his newest books and what’s coming. What was intended to be 30 minutes turned into about 90-100 minutes (so enjoy!) No intro, just the interview.
Track of Words article on The Dark Coil:
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Kenny is joined by guest friend of the show, Curtis, to do a brief intro on what we're excited about in the hobby at the moment. Then we play the extended interview with Gary from Dark Fantastic Mills who discusses his shop, and all the amazing pieces he produces, and what you need to know about how to order and build the table you desire. 

Check out the shop:
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We are joined by Black Library author, Robert Rath, this week to talk his works, focusing on the new Necrons novel, The Infinite & the Divine. 
Interview begins at 00:50:11 
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We're looking at Lumineth Realm-Lords then Black Library author Dale Lucas joins us to talk his novel, Realm-Lords. Spoiler: it's excellent!!!

Follow Dale at:

@DaleLucas114 on twitter and on Facebook.


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We chat about new  Warhammer Underworlds releases, giants, 40K and Indomitus w/author Gav Thorpe.


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We take a look at the Fabius Bile trilogy from Josh Reynolds for 40K and then are joined by Jamie Crisalli for another BL author interview talking Chaos, Daughters of Khaine, and other upcoming tales. 

Jamie interview starts at 1:16:00

Follow Jamie: @OneSmolNerd on Twitter
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We take a look at Warhammer Underworlds and its many ways to play.


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We take a look at 40K 9th ed now that everything is out (for the starter) and present another Black Library author introduction with Michael J. Hollows. Check out his Fyreslayers story and other works! 

Michael's interview starts at around 59 minutes.

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We talk the new General’s Hand Book for AoS this week. Enjoy!

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This week we give our bookclub for more Siege of Terra books: The First Wall and Saturnine. If you haven’t read Saturnine you can skip ahead to the interview  timestamp. Then another Black Library author intro with Richard Strachan.
Saturnine: 00:33:10
Richard Strachan: 01:25:49
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We're back! Shawn and Kenny finally found an hour during COVID so we recorded on the spot over Skype.  Apologies for the sound quality at times--we are aware of it in the future for Skype recordings.

We look at the new 40K box, Indomitus, the Lumineth Realm Lords box and then are joined for a Black Library author intro with Danie Ware. Follow her on Twitter at @danacea.

Enjoy and we'll be back with more BL author interviews.


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It's been a while, sadly, since we've recorded but I wanted to get something out so here's an interview with the legendary painter, James Wappel, for an extended Ask a Hobby Expert. You can listen to as much as you wish.

Check out his patreon, Instagram, YouTube, blog and Twitch.

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We're back after some COVID-related delays and this week a book club for Valdor by Chris Wraight. 

COVID-permitting we'll be back next week to once again entertain you. Enjoy!

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We talk some new AoS scenario breakdowns then are joined by BL author Graham McNeill to discuss (among newer stuff) his Elves stories which will be released in an omnibus in May--so we're getting ready for the Lumineth Realmlords.



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With events being cancelled and so many of us isolated at home, social distancing and much unknown, we talk about keeping positive with your hobby as COVID-19 presses on. Then we do our first AoS scenario breakdowns: Focal Points and Relocation Orb — discussing tactics and more.
See you all next week with another interview. Enjoy!
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Yes, we recorded this the day before the Adepticon cancellation announcement. That said, the review cheers us right up. 


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We talk Wrath of the Everchosen and the rerecorded interview with Darius Hinks is here for you this week.

Darius Hinks interview around 1 hr 15 mins.



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We're back this week with another Black Library author introduction. JC Stearns joins us to talk his BL works--including The Oubliette--and much more. Tune in next week for a look at Wrath of the Everchosen.



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Michael from the seminal website, Track of Words, joins Kenny to have a detailed chat about Black Library in 2020--news, predictions and hopes as well as events.


Upcoming releases:

2019 Review:

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Look, a 40K episode!

Hello! Sorry for the week delay, server issues. Wargamer Shawn leads us on a look at the new Adeptus Sororitas Codex. Good stuff?!?! Is it? All of it? Killer models, naturally.

See you soon with more Black Library content!


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This week we look at the new battletome Disciples of Tzeentch and around 1 hr 26 minute mark, BL author Alec Worley joins us for a fascinating and entertaining interview on Black Library, Warhammer Horror and other tidbits. It's quite a fun interview.

*note: fixed the audio volume problem around 32 mins in--now we know for the future :)*


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We take a look at the new KO battle tome then another Black Library author introduction: Marc Collins. Join us next week for the new Tzeentch book and more from BL authors.

Check out Marc on Twitter @MalkyDel 

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2019 comes to an end. We die our annual year in review after a week off for the holidays and both Kenny and Shawn close with our top 3 best of and least of from 2019, as well as some thoughts about 2020. Then the 2nd Combat Phase Warhammer Book Club follows the Siege of Terra: The Lost and the Damned by Guy Haley. Amazing book!
Psst, you can also win some BL books from the prize horde.
Join us next week for our first show of 2020 which will feature oodles of BL author interviews, reviews, tactical advice, book clubs with listeners, interviews with community leaders and organizers, and much much more.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Check out these awesome resources:
Ministomp for great deals on your GW orders
ZEM brushes for quality sable brushes: for custom terrain and gaming aids
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