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Almost megabattle weekend at Combat Phase! We get ready to rock with Man o' War and Epic Armageddon. We talk news, Squats in Epic and building a list. Then we have a very special guest, Carl Tuttle of the Independent Characters podcast fame, to belittle Robert (who needs much help, btw!) for being a game whore vs. the monogamer.

Wall o' Wonder returns! 

Here be DRAGONS! Also news and a look at the hobby debate, is the 40K influx ruining the game? ... we're never happy, too little or too much;-/

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We talk a hefty chunk of news before the wide range of RPGs based on wargaming universes and vice versa and then launch into a controversial debate over using proxies and counts-as models/armies. Send not-hate-mail to @combatphasepodcast on twitter or our Facebook page.

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