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A chat with friend of the show, Curtis, about our hobby in 2020 and a look back. See you all in 2021 and we wish you all a happy new year and to be safe and healthy.


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Hi and I'm thrilled to finally be releasing this episode. We were holding on when Shawn could be available to discuss his current AoS army--gargants!!! We're joined at around 01:16:03 by AoS Coach for the hobby and community aspects of this amazing army.

Enjoy and check out the links below to support our guests.

AoS Coach YouTube channel
**Check out their YouTube channels linked on Twitter pages, as well)**
Warhammer Weekly @warhammerweekly 
2+ Tough @tough_up
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Kenny is joined once again after a few years by the legendary Black Library author, Peter Fehervari, to talk his newest books and what’s coming. What was intended to be 30 minutes turned into about 90-100 minutes (so enjoy!) No intro, just the interview.
Track of Words article on The Dark Coil:
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