Combat Phase

We're back after a break which was used to prep for, attend, and then recover from, Adepticon 2024! Mr. 40K, the legend himself, Eric returns as we catch up on a lot of content to post. This time, we naturally had to cover ORKS first because, Orks is da bestz! Custodes and Tau are coming, plus Old World, Heresy and Legions Imperialis, not to worry. 


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Travis joins me to talk the latest Dawnbringers book: The Mad King Rises. Then Mr. 40K Eric talks us through the new 40K Balance update and other resources coming out this week.



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Back from the holiday break with the first of several already-recorded episodes coming out over the next couple weeks. Joe returns to the show as my guest going over the new Dark Angels book and army box for 40K. Joe's a massive fan of the Dark Angels, so we hope you enjoy it as much as he did. They really play like how the narrative and traits surrounding the chapter's lore. 

As I've been asked, here's what's instore for upcoming episodes: Dawnbringers, Painting, Black library focus from fans and a HUGE surprise… The Old World is certainly getting coverage as I prepare what will likely be a series of guests over the weeks to discuss this crunchy new game. Hint: Although daunting on the rules-front, I’m loving that my favorite setting ever has returned, and even in a previous time period.



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