Combat Phase

I'm thrilled to have my good friend Doug of 2+ Tough fame back on, this time to give a recap of the lore so far in books 1 & 2 of the exciting AoS campaign, The Dawnbringers Crusade, with books 1 (Harbingers) & 2 (Reign of the Brute).

We'll do another episode like this once more or all books are released. Don't forget to check out Doug's awesome channel, link below as well as where to follow his antics. Finally, whether you have the game giant, Noble Knight Games, in your backyard like me, or live in a galaxy far, far away, you can use the link below to make your purchases and it gives Doug's channel a shiny gold star. 

Note: This link is benefiting Doug's channel, I still don't have advertising nor any plans to accept it. I'm just a glutton for going broke over my plastic crack. 


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Mr. 40K is back once again to walk us through the awesome new detachments in the Space Marines codex. 

Hint: Can you spot the Myspace or Space Marines Strategems...?


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