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Paul Murphy of Forge the Narrative joins me as a guest host this week.

We talk GW news from Warhammer Fest, a bit of sad news with the passing of FW's Legend Alan Bligh, and some hobby and games played. Ben Curry of Bad Dice joins me to chat Chaos Dwarfs in AoS (Legion of Azgorh), TGA & his upcoming Blood & Glory event. The Track of Words takes the stage. Check them all out and enjoy!
Time stamps
00:00 - 00:27 - intro
00:27 - 01:05 - Ben Curry of Bad Dice: Legion of Azgorh (Chaos Dwarfs) in AoS & Blood & Glory
01:05 - 01:37 - Track of Words
RIP Alan Bligh
Forge the Narrative
Bad Dice @baddice_podcast
Blood & Glory
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Track of Words
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