Combat Phase

We revisit the Monogamer vs. Omnigamer/Game whore discussion again where Kenny represents those of us having to choose playing maybe only a few games due to time constraints or availabilty or whathaveya. 

As we try to close the show we get distracted by Robotech and future Robotech possibilities.
Wall o Wonder: Star Wars RPG (current)


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We talk the evolution of Chaos in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K universe over the past decades. Chaos has made a corrupting impact on our lives in the GW mini tabletop game, RPG, fiction, video games and even a motion picture. From the pulpy big hear and nose chains to a darker corrupting force fueling hordes of Northmen to the subtle, sinister menace being unveiled in the Horus Heresy, we love our Chaos.

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Wall: Inferno
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We talk ... ourselves and our updates for all our new listeners joining us over the past few months. Robert clarifies some Ork News. Kenny reports his time at Blood in the Sun 4 this past weekend and we have 5 audio brief intereviews with some players at BitS4. 

Next we are joined by Maht and Matt prepping us for Malifaux event extraveganza at Nova Open 2014 coming this summer.

Thanks and as always, enjoy!

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We talk Privateer Press and Ork news then look at the range of wargaming publications, finally giving our review of White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer:Visions, as well as No Quarter, Ravage and a few others.

Wall: Warhammer Invasion (card game)

Contest winner announced.


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We were blessed to be joined by Dan Abnett to discuss his fantasy book Riders of the Dead. Dan will certainly be back. Just, enjoy!

Wall o' Wonder: Battlefield Evolution

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Ep 52 - 40K 7th edition

We talk games played and news - ORKS IS COMIN' ! then share thoughts and first impressions of new 40K 7th ed. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


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Ep 51 - The Horus Heresy Weekender 2014 Recap


A jet-lagged Kenny talks about his experience and news at the Horus Heresy Weekender this past weekend in Nottingham. Check out photos in twitter feed @kennylull or some on our Facebook page.

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Ep 50 - The Odd Couple (Our 1st birthday show!)


Robert and Kenny talk news then muse on our differences in opinion on the hobby. We debate casual vs. tournament gaming, fiction, gaming groups and other hopes and dreams for the next 50 episodes.

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We talk some games played then Deadzone! Robert lets us all in on the secret of this little terrain-laced game and why he enjoys it so much. 

Wall o' Wonder: Dark Future

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We talk news and games played with a large focus on new 40K rumors (at time of posting rumors now refer to as 6th Ed Revised) before being joined by Grant Handsome Guy Fetter, TO of Blood in the Sun 4, who tells us all about why his tournament rocks. Then we welcome Guy Haley back from Black Library to discuss his three HH works (don't worry, there's more coming up!) and he takes the rapid-fire question test.

Wall o' Wonder: Warmaster!


Enjoy! Someone who listens to this episode wins a copy of Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill.



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